I HEAR YAHWEH : A 30 Day Journey into the Prophetic

Craig Cooney // Daily Prophetic
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God has already been speaking to you today....

….about your future and his plans for you.
….about your friends and family.
….about the people around you.
….about his work in the world.

Have you heard him?

Do you understand what he is saying to you?

We live in incredibly unusual and uncertain times. Everything is being shaken. So much change is happening.

To effectively navigate through this season and flourish, very believer must know how to hear God's voice and interpret what He is saying.

I HEAR YAHWEH is a 30-day journey to help you recognize how God is speaking to you right now.

You see, our God is not silent. It is His nature to speak. It is His deepest desire that you hear, understand and act on what He is saying.

But I have found that many Christians simply don’t know how to recognize or understand the many ways God is communicating with them every day.

Or when they do hear Him speak, they don’t know how to interpret what He is saying so they can take the appropriate action and move forward into the good future He has for them.

I was once like that. 

For many years I stumbled about in the dark trying so desperately to hear God speak to me. I thought I had to sit in a room, all alone, in silence for hours and then I might be one of the privileged few who would hear from Heaven. I became very intense about it and even believed that it was because of my lack of devotion or even sin that God was staying quiet.

Maybe if I prayed more…. or fasted…. or was more obedient…. or sacrificed more….

I was so determined to know God’s will and what He was saying.

Then, over a period of around a year, God began to show me His ways of communicating with His people.

Through a fresh study of prophecy in the Bible, many interactions with prophetic people, stepping out and making mistakes, reading and studying many books from seasoned prophets, praying with and ministering to hundreds of people in various settings, and a year of intense spiritual warfare in our own family situation, God revealed to me how he was speaking to me every day.

Even more than that, He showed me how I could understand and properly interpret the words, pictures, dreams, visions and other things He was showing me.

Since that time it has been the greatest joy and privilege to share what God is saying to other people. I have watched as a prophetic word has unlocked destiny, brought healing from the past, provided direction in times of confusion, spoken hope into times of fear and uncertainty, and helped me in my own walk to discern where God was leading me and my family.

In the last few years I have also sought to break down and ‘demystify’ the prophetic. 

For many people hearing God speaks can seem so inaccessible and confined to ‘the chosen few’. 

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

It is the birthright of every single child of God to hear His voice on an ongoing basis. I have made it my mission to attempt to break down exactly what is going on in my mind, heart and even my whole body when God is speaking to me. I so want every believer to really grasp how easy it is to hear from God.

That is why I have decided to write: I HEAR YAHWEH: A 30 Day Journey into the Prophetic.

Over 30 short chapters made up of Scripture, personal experiences (and mistakes!) and the wisdom of others you will learn:

  • How God has been speaking to you, but you haven’t realized it.
  • How God’s voice sounds very much like your thoughts.
  • The many, many ways God speaks to you every day.
  • How to know if it’s really God speaking, or simply you making it up (or even the enemy trying to deceive you).
  • How God spoke throughout Scripture to and through less-than-perfect people.
  • How and when to share a word from God with someone else.
  • How to interpret pictures, dreams and visions.
  • How to speak God’s Word over your life to reshape your future.
  • What to do when you get it wrong.
  • The prophetic personality – challenges and struggles prophetic people face.
  • The place of journaling and writing down what you’re sensing the Spirit say.
  • How worship and speaking in tongues can help release the prophetic in your life.
  • The difference between personal prophecy and speaking God’s word into a wider situation.
  • How to use all of your senses to discern God speaking.
  • How to grow and develop in your prophetic ability.

Each chapter can be read in around 10 minutes a day.
By the end of this 30 day journey, you will be amazed at how much you begin to recognize and understand God speaking to you in very ordinary as well as supernatural ways.


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At this time of great shaking and uncertainty, it has never been more vital for every believer to personally hear and understand the voice of God.

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I HEAR YAHWEH : A 30 Day Journey into the Prophetic

2 ratings
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