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Have you been sensing that there is a SHIFT OF SEASONS in your life? An INNER STIRRING that something is changing?

That God is taking you into SOMETHING NEW, even perhaps a new physical location?

But you aren't sure what the 'new thing' is or how you can get there?

You're UNSETTLED and UNSURE what the future holds. But you know there's MORE.

Maybe you're WAITING ON GOD for BREAKTHROUGH in some area - a job, finances, a relationship? You're feeling STUCK and FRUSTRATED because nothing is happening.

Or you're praying and longing to see His PROMISES or PROPHETIC WORDS fulfilled in your life?

That's exactly where I found myself just a few years ago.

I was in the 'IN-BETWEEN'.

I was really trying to trust God and cling to what He had spoken to me, but I was feeling unsure, insecure and anxious about the future. I sensed there was more on 'the other side' - I just had no idea what that 'more' was or how God would get me there!

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Craig Cooney, I'm 45 years old, married to Becky and we have a little boy (8), called Elijah. I've also been a full-time pastor since 2006.

A few years ago, I walked away from leading one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in our country (Ireland).

On the outside, I looked like a happy, successful pastor with a wonderful, perfect family.

Inside I was exhausted and empty.

We knew we had to leave where we were. God had made that clear.
The problem was - we had nowhere or nothing to go to.

It was like I'd closed one door because I knew there was another door ahead which would open.

But at the time I was stuck in the hallway in-between. A dark, lonely, long hallway!

This was the beginning of a season of transition for us. A season which lasted almost 3 years.

I didn't know it then, but I was experiencing what I now call 'THE TENSION OF TRANSITION'.

That's what this book is about:

THE TENSION OF TRANSITION: 30 Days To Help You Navigate From ‘Here’ To Your ‘Promised Land’.

In it I take you on a journey through our transition, and in 30 chapters I explore some of the lessons I learned during this prolonged and often difficult season.

These 30 chapters are full of prophetic insight, personal stories, Scripture, illustrations, inspiration and helpful wisdom to help you fully embrace all that God wants to do in you and through you.

Some of the subjects covered are:

• What is transition and how can I identify it in my life?
• Signs of shifting seasons.
• Waiting on God with confident expectation.
• Experiencing and following God favor.
• Necessary Endings: Leaving the past behind.
• How to see and embrace the 'new thing' God is doing.
• Stepping out of stuck.
• Guidance, direction, and purpose.
• Open and Closed Doors.
• Hearing the voice of God.
• Identity - Seeing yourself as God sees you.
• Developing a friendship with the Holy Spirit.

This book is 381 pages of inspiring, helpful, practical, encouraging, perspective-shifting, soul-stirring material that will help you move into your next season.

I've also recently included an additional book 'The Missing Chapters'. There are 8 chapters from the original draft which weren't included in the final edit. These 129 pages include teaching on abundance and financial provision, healing, favor, risk-taking, expectation and much more. You'll automatically receive these when you purchase 'The Tension of Transition.'

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Here is just some of the completely genuine, unsolicited feedback from those who have read the book.

“I can't begin to tell you even with tears streaming down my face how thankful I am for you book."
Your book is so freakishly appropriate for where I am today....You even recently called out a breakthrough that brought me out of a grieving season and into fresh light, literally the same day.”
“This book is so on time!”
"I can't start to explain how timely your book is and how much God is confirming my season. I am so encouraged and very blessed reading your and your family's journey of transition.”
“Your book is so applicable to the season I am in right now!”
“Your book has opened a flood gate of revelation!! I’ve allowed FEAR to cripple me from making a move to trust God for HIS best in my life....."
"Thank you soooo much for your book! I’m so grateful God has used your personal struggles in Transition to help those of us in the wilderness!!....God Bless you!"
“Oh my gosh I love this! So beautiful.”
“I feel like a different person after reading it.”
"Honestly, we eagerly await every day’s chapter, and every day it feels like you are writing just for us...your words are saving and bringing life...."
“I really couldn’t articulate what I was experiencing until I read your book. Thank you.”
“ Everything written aligns prophetically with my life. You’re like the pastor that I don’t have at this moment.”
“I feel like I know you well because you have been refreshingly open in your writing.”
“I have heard God speak and confirm so much!....God has used your story in my current season and I thank God for every small detail.”
“I can’t put your book down!”

I am so thankful for every person whose life this book has impacted so far. I have poured so much into every chapter and I long that it would really help you step into the incredible future I know God has planned for you.

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