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Craig Cooney // Daily Prophetic
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"It’s like God is speaking directly to me about everything I’m going through, praying for and believing."  

Imagine starting each day by reading a prophetic word of encouragement and direction, followed by relevant, selected Scriptures, and then a personal reflection of how this all might apply to your life. 

That is what I believe SPIRIT SPEAK will be for you every day.

For 100 consecutive days, I set aside two hours each day, simply to ask the Lord what He wanted to communicate with His people in this particular season.

What was on His heart?
What was He showing us?
What about Himself did He long to reveal?
How was He at work in our lives?

I then took time to carefully write down what I sensed He was saying and compiled it with specifically selected Scriptures and some very personal stories as well as reflections and devotions.

That process became my book 'SPIRIT SPEAK: 100 DAYS OF DAILY PROPHETIC'.

This book is around 900 pages of prophetic words of encouragement, inspiration, insights, truth, and Biblical teaching. It takes 5-10 minutes to read each day.

Hundreds of people have emailed me to say how each day was so perfectly applicable to their situation. They have been guided, strengthened, blessed, challenged, and deeply encouraged as the Lord has spoken to their hearts.

You can PURCHASE IT NOW and download 100 chapters of the PDF ebook IMMEDIATELY.

You can download SPIRIT SPEAK by simply clicking on the 'I WANT THIS' button at the bottom of the page.

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That's all 900 pages of prophetic insight and inspiration, Scriptures, personal stories, devotions, and reflections.

So, if you want to join this 100-day prophetic journey of SPIRIT SPEAK, simply click on the
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Here is just a sample of the FEEDBACK I have received so far from those who are reading SPIRIT SPEAK:

• “Your Spirit Speak words have certainly helped both my husband and myself make sense of a seemingly senseless situation!”

• “Every word speaks of my current situation.”

• “I was wondering why I was feeling the way you have described here. I couldn't understand. Now I know why. Thank you for helping me.”

• “I have no words to express how inspiring your emails are to me right now. You speak to my heart and soul especially for the season that I am going through in my life right now, and I feel the Holy Spirit every time I read.”

• “Oh my! This is so so spot-on! Thanks so much for this word.”

• “Craig this is so in tune to what my life feels like....THANK YOU Craig - you explain things in such a way that, we feel the emotions and the chaos but aren't always, sure how to explain our thoughts. You summed it up perfectly.”

• “Your prophetic words have been like bread to me in this whole entire season. It has given me hope and strength to continue to trust and hope in the Lord. I wanted to share with you because your very words have caused a release in our situation as well. Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

• “I’ve been SPEECHLESS!!! All I can say right now is...Thank you!”

• “Thank you so much!!! You and both books have been heaven sent!!”

• “Craig, I cannot begin to tell you how much these Spirit Speak emails bless me each and every day. It’s like God is speaking directly to me about everything I’m going through, praying for and believing. Today was no different, it brought me to tears. Thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit.”

• “Every word is such a confirmation!!”

To join this prophetic journey of SPIRIT SPEAK, simply click on the:
"I WANT THIS!" button.  

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